Our vision

Our vision is to create a healthcare landscape where access to high-quality care is seamless, simple, and efficient.

Through our digital solutions, we aim to reduce bureaucracy, save time, and empower those in need of care as well as their families.

Our goal is to enhance quality of life and optimize the care experience by offering a smooth and user-friendly process for healthcare services.

Vision of Perulatus
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Our mission

Our mission is to simplify, modernize, and digitize the process of applying for healthcare services.

We aspire to provide digital platforms that enable individuals in need of care, their families, and caregivers to easily request healthcare services online.

Our goal is to enhance access to high-quality healthcare by reducing bureaucratic obstacles, minimizing time demands, and streamlining the entire process.

We aim to improve the quality of life for those in need of care and their families, giving them a voice in addressing their individual healthcare needs.

Our values

Caring: We prioritize the well-being and individual needs of our clients, creating a supportive environment where they feel comfortable and secure.

Competence: We strive for excellent quality and expertise in all aspects of our services to provide our clients with a first-class care experience.

User-Centric: We place the needs and welfare of those in need of care and their families at the forefront, developing our solutions to enhance their experience.

Innovation: We pursue continuous improvement and rely on innovative technologies and solutions to modernize and digitize the process of requesting healthcare services.

Family: We consider our clients, their family members, and our employees as part of one large care family. We promote mutual support, care, and understanding to create a familial environment where everyone feels at home. Together, we leverage digital technologies to enhance the care experience and strengthen family bonds.

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