Together for a better quality of life - Human care, digitally empowered

What do we advocate?

Leichterer Zugang zu Pflegeleistungen

Easier access to care

Seamless access to care services: Barriers in physical, digital, financial and information accessibility are overcome. The aim is to promote inclusion and improve healthcare for all.

Perulatus - Einfacher Digitaler Weg für die Themen der Pflege

A straightforward digital approach to healthcare topics

An uncomplicated digital pathway makes healthcare topics easily accessible. Technology enhances accessibility and enables a more comprehensive, efficient healthcare delivery for everyone

Mit neuen Ideen, Technologien und Ansätze Pflege verbessern

Enhancing healthcare with new ideas, technologies, and approaches.

New ideas, technologies and approaches are revolutionising care. Innovations are improving the quality and accessibility of care to create a more effective and inclusive healthcare landscape.

Our solutions

These solutions are designed to improve care by making it more efficient, accessible and personalised to each individual's needs.

Digitaler Pflegeantrag

Digitaler Pflegeantrag

Digital application for care services in Germany.

Medical App Solution

Medical applications

Development of digital solutions in the field of care and health.

Medical Device 2 Perulatus

Health technology

Advanced sensor technology and AI to provide accurate health data, improving diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients.